Reversible Safety Runner

With this mat you can keep dirt and debris off of your floors. This mat is ideal for transition areas, walk-ins, prep areas and much more this outstanding versatile mat can provide improvement for places where drainage is needed as well as keeping dirt away. Moreover, this mat prevents slip and fall accidents. In fact, this mat is manufactured to avoid grease and oil spill on the floor preventing dangerous situations for you and your workers. Its anti-fatigue property provides comfort and security.
Areas with grease and oil
Areas needing clean floor surfaces
Features and benefits
·       ¼ inches overall thick mat
·       Reversible mat
·       Two versions available: perforated and solid
·       Amazing slip resistance
·       Lightweight for easy handling
·       Easy cleaning
·       Grease and oil resistant
·       Three colors available:  Black, gray and terra cotta
In transition areas
Waitress Pick-Up


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